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Protect yourself from danger

Protect yourself from danger

Prevent serious health concerns with asbestos removal

in Brooklyn, Queens & NYC

Asbestos is present in nearly all buildings built prior to the 1980s. This material can lead to very serious health concerns, including particular types of cancer, when its fibers come loose and are inhaled. If you are planning remodeling, get in touch with us and let our licensed and insured team restore the safety of your home or business.

• Sprayed-on or troweled-on  surfacing materials

• Insulation applied around hot water tanks, pipes,

  boilers, and ducts

• Floor tiles and backing materials

• Artificial ashes and embers

• Patching compounds in ceiling and wall joints

• Attic and wall insulation

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Asbestos is not the only hidden danger that could be lurking in your home. Call us for Lead-Based Paint Removal to keep your home healthy and safe.

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