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Protect your family from lead-based paint

Lead-based paint can put your family at serious risk of physical and mental consequences. Trust our team to set up the essential critical barriers and take all necessary steps to protect your environment and family from the risks of lead dust and particles while providing effective professional removal services.

What you should know about lead paint

• 40% of homes in the U.S. have lead-based paint

• Lead paint is hazardous for both adults and children

• Children under the age of 6 are particularly

  vulnerable to damage due to their bodies still being

  in the stage of primary development

• Children tend to ingest lead-based paint through

  eating paint chips or touching lead dust and then

  putting their hands in their mouth

• Lead paint was banned in 1977, but interiors and

  exteriors constructed after 1940 tend to contain

  the chemical.

• Work will be completed in accordance to standards

  set by EPA, DEP, NIOSH and OSHA

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